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Horse drawn carriages provides 6 Passenger Vis-a-Vis Carriages driven by Coachman dressed for your occasion to add elegance to your special day. Carriages are maroon and black with convertible tops pulled by a single horse braided and flagged to match the carriages.

Our Carriages are in business to provide carriage rides for the Wiregrass Area and to provide a beautiful wedding experience. Our specialty is providing Brides and Grooms with a very special ride on their most important day.

If you wish to find out more about of our services please call or text 334 790 4546 for more information or to make arrangements to have one of our carriages.

Some Frequently Asked Questions
Rates/Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy
Pickup Locations



DOTHAN, AL 325.00
AUBURN, AL 550.00
OZARK, AL 450.00
TROY, AL  450.00
EUFAULA, AL 450.00
DESTIN,FL  575.00
PC,FL  550.00
Colquitt,GA 475.00
Albany, Ga 525.00

Add $100.00 for Cinderella Top on carriage




For tours extra time is charged @$25.00 PER ¼ hour.
Carriage holds 4-6 average sized adults.
Maximum, distance carriage can travel is 1 mile in 1/2 hour or 2 miles in 1 hr.
Horses can not work more than 6 hrs per day.
Colors and decorating is welcomed to make your event extra special.


Rates/Terms & Conditions 

Wedding Basic Package: Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan will provide a horse and carriage and a driver (dressed in appropriate attire) for the wedding ceremony, pictures and traveling a reasonable distance (no more than 1 mile) to the reception etc. if the wedding event goes longer than the contracted time or for special requests like rides for the children or guests during the reception additional charges may be incurred. Please note: Most weddings fit in the basic wedding package, but more elaborate requests, services, longer time, etc., may incur additional fees. Also, we require a credit card on file.

Wedding Basic Package Rate: For the carriage we charge $325.00 base rate, plus mileage, which includes 1 hour of service. For overtime we charge $100.00 per hour for carriage.

Cinderella Pumpkin Event Rate: $100.00 per hour thereafter per carriage.

Additional services beyond the basic wedding package; such as distance traveled in carriage, traveling on main streets or highways, or rides for guests, etc., are additional costs and are at the discretion of Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan.

Please be advised under no circumstances will we work any single horse more than 6 total hours in any 24 hour period. Each horse at a minimum will be given a rest period every three hours or as needed, to be determined by Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan


 Cancellation Policy 
Due to limited availability a 50% deposit is required to reserve the date. A full refund will be available 60 days before the event. 50% of the deposit will be refunded up to 30 days before the event, after that the deposit will be non-refundable. If your event is canceled because of circumstances beyond your control you may apply the deposit to another event or your full deposit may be refunded, at the option of Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan

In the event Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan and the client determines, before Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan leaves Dothan, AL, in case such as severe weather (all carriages have tops to protect passengers from sun or light rain) makes it unreasonable for Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan to provide services, all monies will be refunded. In the event that Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan determines severe weather or any hazardous conditions for the horses, drivers or footman make it unreasonable to provide services after arriving at the event, the deposit is non-refundable. Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan reserves the right to cancel an event in the event of illness or injury of a horse, accidents or mechanical failures.

In the event Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan cancels an event all monies paid to Horse and Carriage Service of Dothan by client shall be refunded, plus an additional $25.00 dollars as liquidated damages.  All parties, individually and through their agents, agree and understand that this web page is referenced by the client information/contract sheet and is made a part of said contract by reference and further all parties individually and through their agents understand and agree to all terms set forth on this web page and the client information/contract sheet.


 Pick & Drop Offs 

We do pickups and drop offs at some dinner spots and clubs that you may be going to such as: (All in around Foster, Andrews and Oates Streets.

  • Fire Stone Pizza
  • Bullets
  • RJ Saxons
  • District Ultra Lounge
  • Colbys At The Loft
  • The Grand At Foster
  • Foster Street Bakery
  • Italian Bistro
  • River Nile